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Abundant Energy Spell

This is a great spell for anyone who has been feeling tired, and run down. Start feeling more alive, motivated and energetic. Wake up feeling refreshed, full of energy and ready to face the day with an abundance of energy throughout the entire day. Get around to all those tasks you've been putting off, you know all that "fun" stuff like cleaning the garage, clearing out the attic, and sorting through all the old clothes you've kept around for years but never wear. You may sleep less than you used to, but the sleep will be deeper, more relaxing and refreshing, so you can wake up the following day feeling even better than you did the day before!

Aura Cleansing Spell

Auras pick up vibrational energies that are floating around everywhere you go. Negative emotions of people around you can stick to it. This is a gentle "combing" technique, in which a giant comb made of pure white energy is combed through your aura, gently cleaning out all negativity which sticks to the comb. Once the aura cleansing is complete, a gentle auric revitalization completes the process. An auric revitalization will fill in any gaps in the aura, strengthening and fortifying it with pure white energy, making you feel revitalized and energized. People often find that this has an extremely positive affect on their health as well, because all negativity is gently lifted away, allowing the aura to do a better job of protecting you from negative energies.

Chakra Healing Spell

Chakra cleansing, balancing and healing can help to increase the health and harmony in your body. This spell has a cleansing, balancing and toning effect that helps eliminate negative energy around you instantly. Start experiencing the magic of chakra healing in every area of your life. My spirit guides direct me through the process of cleansing and balancing each chakra in turn, strengthening, healing and balancing each chakra. This helps to transform the quality of your health and improve your life, helping you see new possibilities, and unlock your full potential.

Melting Pounds Away Spell

If you're having trouble losing weight, keeping it off, and feeling good while you do it, then this might be just the spell you're looking for! You will begin to notice that your eating habits are changing, very subtly at first, then gradually you will start feeling more and more attracted to better and healthier foods that help your body achieve the balance needed to start slimming down. Healthy foods start tasting better and unhealthy foods start taking on an unpleasant taste so that they are no longer craved or even wanted! And, the pounds and inches start to simply melt away!

Overcome Anxiety Spell

Fear and anxiety do not have to play a big part in your life. Start feeling the warmth of relaxation and peace of mind. Feel more relaxed, even in situations you used to avoid. Feel both your mind and body becoming more calm, relaxed and at ease in any situation. Like a warm, cozy, spiritual hug. Clients have told me that this spell helps to quiet even the most jangled nerves!

Overcome Depression Spell

Safely end feelings of depression. Experience a major boost of natural energy during the day and feel more relaxed at night. No more drugs. No more side effects. Become completely calm, confident and ready to conquer the day. Start experiencing a better quality of life without the risks involved in taking drugs. Feel yourself strengthened and lifted up to a positive place of endless constructive possibilities! This spell could change your life!

Quit Smoking Spell

This spell helps to make quitting so easy that you hardly even notice it’s happening. Most people notice that they are lighting up less and less frequently without even thinking about it. It’s as though your mind is so preoccupied with other thoughts that you keep forgetting to light up. You might be watching a movie, suddenly realize that it’s almost over and you haven’t lit one cigarette yet. You might be on your way home from school, work, or the store and realize that you forgot to bring your cigarettes with you. I’ve even had people tell me that they have gone a day or two without lighting up, when someone else asked them if they quit smoking, and they hadn’t even realized that it had been that long since they last had a cigarette!

Spiritual Energy Healing Spell

My Spirit Guides help me align with your Higher Self to find the best way to bring balance and healing to your mind, body and spirit. I know that I will be Divinely guided in channeling pure, loving, healing energy to you in the ways that will help you the most. This process helps to activate and strengthen your body's own natural healing systems and strengthen your auric field, thereby helping to create a natural flow of healing energy that is constantly coursing through every part of you. Feel more vibrantly alive and energised. Start living a better, happier, and healthier life today!

Gain Weight Spell

If you're losing weight and you don't know why. If you're having trouble keeping weight on once you finally do gain a pound or two, this might be just the spell you need. You will start becoming attracted to foods, beverages and herbs that you might not normally eat, foods that will help cleanse, heal and balance your body. Your body knows what it needs to balance itself, this spell will bring these things to your awareness, and help you find ways to fulfil those needs. It will help to make you more aware of your protein and carbohydrate balance and how to use that to your benefit. Some people's bodies need more of certain nutrients than others. This spell helps guide you to the herbs and foods that fulfil your nutrient needs.


Cast Once Spell Power Level


Cast Once Level Spell Power is for those whose situations are not overly complicated. Cast Once Level Spell Power could be perfect for your situation if it involves three or fewer people, and has not been going on for over two weeks. With Cast Once Level Spell Power, I will personally cast the spell(s) you order once for you, on your behalf, within 24 hours of payment being completed.


Cast Twice Spell Power Level


Cast Twice Level Spell Power is for those whose situations are a bit more complicated. Cast Twice Level Spell Power could be perfect for your situation if it involves three or more people, or has been going on for two weeks or more. With Cast Twice Level Spell Power, I will personally cast the spell(s) you order twice for you, on your behalf, within 24 hours of payment being completed.


Cast Thrice Spell Power Level


Cast Thrice Level Spell Power is for those whose situation is complicated. Cast Thrice Level Spell Power could be perfect for your situation if it involves numerous people, or has been going on for a month or more. With Cast Thrice Level Spells Power I will personally cast the spell(s) you order three times for you, on your behalf, within 24 hours of payment being completed.



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